Mystical Mermaids

The Florida Manatee

Of all the critters we encounter on our adventures, the Florida Manatee is indeed the most placid and interesting. For me, their presence brings a magical wonder of peace and a deep connection to the simple purity, of nature’s extravagance. Their grace and elegant poise may only be exceeded by their size and phenomenal existence.

As I release the trials and tension of the day, and allow admission of truth, insanity has found a new degree, in a perfect memory.

At times, as I gaze at GOD’s magnificent creation, I ask….will you be here tomorrow?

As I listen in quiet serenity, the wind whispers in reply….you tell me?

Kayak St Augustine

Florida Manatee

Did you know?

Manatees are not territorial, and do not have complex predator avoidance behavior. In other words, No fear of anything!

Coming Back!

Although we see scars on almost every Florida Manatee, they have made a comeback. Which given the growing population of Florida, is a great humane accomplishment, and a miracle in itself. Thanks to a great human being and love of nature, Jacques Cousteau, for bringing the initial awareness, and private, local, and state governments, following suit. Of course, lots of caring folks, called the general public, for which the credit is due. This just shows that we can all make a difference, for the sake of our kids and grandkids, and this place we call home.

Keep up the good work!

 The need for speed will always be one of man’s greatest accomplishments. I guess we need to try to get it all in. In a day? In a lifetime?

Just remember. As in life, the journey is just as fun, and important, as the destination.

Slow down and Enjoy!

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Nature’s Elegance

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on Feb 05, 2016

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