Types of Kayaks We Offer

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Recreational sit in kayak is perfect for exploring St Augustine. They are fast and offer enough storage for day tripping gear with sealed bulkheads in the bow and stern hatches, however you do have to beach and step out to get to the hatches. The cockpit is more contained and these kayak are less stable than the sit on top kayaks.

Sit in touring

Sit in touring


Sit on top kayaks are great for beginners or anyone that prefers the freedom of open air.  Our sit on tops have waterproof hatches for day tripping gear as well. They are quite maneuverable and very easy to reenter if you capsize. They are very stable and they have an area in the rear (stern) to pack your gear you can reach without having to beach. 

See our kayak rental page for rates 

Sit on top Fishing Kayaks

Sit on top fishing kayaks are made especially for fishing. They come equipped with rod holders and are extremely stable.  Please see our kayak fishing rental page

Sit on top recreational Sit on top fishing/bottom

Sit on top recreational
Sit on top fishing/bottom