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Paddle Boarding St Augustine

Experience paddle boarding in St Augustine and the wonderful Florida wildlife and beautiful views of the St Augustine aquatic landscape.  Stand up paddle boarding has vastly become one of the fastest growing sports in the world.  For most people, the draw to paddle boarding is the eagerness and the simplicity of being on the water, surrounded by nature’s elegance, beautiful views, and amazing wildlife.

With proper instruction, stand up paddle boarding is very easy to learn, therefore not limited to just the young, but also the young at heart as well. Speaking of heart… the benefits of SUP are astounding, not only because of a full body workout, but also for stress relief, and a true mind body and soul connection to the natural great outdoors.

The beauty of paddle boarding is open to your own interpretation. Exercise, relaxation, meditation, sightseeing, quality family time, and even fishing. Paddle boarding is limited only by your imagination. Paddle

Paddle boarding a new waterway, always adds a touch of adventure.  

We offer paddleboard lessons, Eco tours, rentals and day trips to Florida beautiful Springs. 

All of our paddle board tours are beginner friendly. We will have you up and SUPin in no time, smiling big and enjoying you new found adventure. 

So join us and enjoy the thrill and excitement of SUP out in the great wide open!

Here is an outline of our lesson below.

  • safety
  • get familiar with equipment
  • paddle length
  • pickup and carry sup board
  • basic paddle stroke
  • basic paddle turn
  • paddle on knees
  • how to stand up
  • where to stand up
  • parallel stance
  • paddle standing up
  • proper stroke
  • control board direction
  • sweeping strokes on one side


The smiles on our customers faces….says it all!

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