Bioluminescent Kayak Encounters

Fireflies of
the water

Embark on an unparalleled adventure and experience bioluminescent comb jellies as they dance off of your paddle! Watch in awe as the radiant glow of these mesmerizing little creatures swirl around you. You may even attempt to catch one in your hand. Create a memory like no other amongst the “fireflies of the water.”

While the odds of witnessing this miracle of nature are in your favor, nature may sometimes throw a curveball. No worries! If there is no bioluminescence on your adventure, we’ll gladly take you out for another attempt free of charge.

No Fear! – Our bioluminescent kayaking experience is suitable for adventurers of all backgrounds. The lake is fairly shallow, measuring 2-3 ft. deep for the majority of our experience. In addition, the guiding lights of the dam provide a clear sense of direction, eliminating the possibility of getting lost. Each professional guide is also equipped with a guiding light to ensure the group knows who to follow,

What’s goin on here? – This extraordinary phenomenon arises from the fresh influx of seawater into the lake, which traps an array of marine-life. Including Comb Jellies. This, In-turn, leads to year round bioluminescent displays that are unlike most other destinations. The fall, winter, and spring months are the prime time to witness this spectacle. 

While we strive to make this spectacle an unforgettable experience, please keep in mind this is a natural occurrence, and its intensity can vary from day-to-day due to the unique organisms involved.

To get a glimpse of the native wildlife you might encounter during your tour with us, be sure to visit our wildlife page.


If you have any questions, please feel free to check out our FAQ page for assistance, or don’t hesitate to give us a call for further help!


Single Kayaks (15+) – $75 – Capacity: 280lbs (Call if heavier)

Tandem (Double Kayaks) – $130 – Capacity: 450lbs; 1-2 seats + small child

See the Glow

Behold the live footage capturing the bioluminescent wonder caused by swimming dinoflagellates. Join our eco tour and experience the ethereal glow illuminating the dark waters.
Bioluminescent Kayak Encounters